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Why We Made This


Dear Reader,

We are not wedding planners or pre-marital counselors. In fact, we don't claim to be any kind of wedding industry professionals. But, we do know and care for a lot of people—from friends and family to people in our own offices—who have gone through the engagement process, and 0% of them emerged unscathed. And as innovators, brand designers, and consultants, when we see something causing so much distress, we can't help but start thinking about how to make it better. 

That's why our interns, Jess Vander and Eliza Hadjis, spent the summer of 2017 getting under the skin of the engagement process. In turn, they created this emotional survival guide as the first step to rethink weddings. While there are systemic issues that won't be solved right away, we want to give engaged couples like you some thoughtful ways to get through it!


With love,

Sylvain Labs