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To the couples who


We Made This for You

We packed this site with findings from our research, stories we heard directly from engaged people, and tools we designed to help combat the three big emotional stressors we found in wedding planning:

1. Tradition, The Bully

2. Compromise, The Glutton

3. Perfection, The Temptress

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If you are engaged today, you might have wondered if weddings are overdue for a makeover. After the proposal, if not long before then, you find out that putting on your special day is loaded with expectation. That's because it's tough to overturn a timeworn ritual when there are pressures to fulfill wedding "requirements," to put others before yourselves in decision-making, and to make every last detail look perfect. Not to mention there aren't many tools (beyond a basic wedding planning checklist) to combat these fierce emotional opponents.

We understand. At Sylvain Labs, we've known and witnessed many engaged couples that have made us curious about weddings. We've considered wedding registries before (like this feature on The Alchemist), but wanted to explore the depth of emotions at play throughout the entire engagement process. After months researching and talking to dozens of people about their experiences, we know there's a real opportunity to make weddings more sympathetic to the modern couple.

Couples shouldn’t have to wait for the industry to catch up. To that end, we put together a compilation of real stories, illustrations, and activities that might combat the three, big emotional stressors we've seen couples face in their engagements.